3 Ideas NOT to Implement on Your Roof

Many a well-meaning Miami homeowner attempts some homemade remedy for a roof, only to end up calling professional Miami roofers to repair the repair. Three “good ideas” — that are anything but — you should avoid for your roof are outlined here.

First, Do No Harm

Do no harm to yourself or your roof — stay off it. Steep-slope roofs are no places for amateurs. You lack the training, safety equipment, and experience to navigate your Miami home’s roof with the same agility as Miami roofers.

Walking on your roof can lead to a slip and fall, but it can also lead to lasting damage. Spanish tiles, for example, are extremely fragile against the crunch of a work boot. If you do not know how to move on a tile roof, stay off it! Leave roof repair and replacement to professional Miami roofers.

Second, Skip the Nails

Some homeowners feel perfectly qualified to climb a ladder and pound in a nail on a shingle roof. “After all, it’s my house,” they say. But if you have no idea the difference between a finishing nail and a roof nail, you have no good reason to take matters — and a hammer — into your own hands. A loose shingle is a problem, but amateur do-it-yourselfers are a bigger problem.

Roofing nails come in various lengths and need to get through your shingle, underlayment, any water shield you might have, and completely through the sheathing.

The underside of your roof, seen from inside the attic, should remind you of a porcupine, but some homeowners will attempt to repair a roof using nails far too short or completely wrong for the job.

Third, Solar Panels

Do not get us wrong — we strongly advocate for solar energy, and in Miami, we enjoy an abundance of free sunshine. Solar panels can be installed safely and expertly on your existing roof, but only by trained technicians. Buying a kit and hoping to just slap the panels up there yourself will bring harm to both the solar panels and your roof.

Correctly installed solar panels will actually add a layer of protection to your home’s roof, but they require firm anchoring and careful installation to provide watertight seals.

To gain the longest life and safest performance from your Miami home’s roof, trust local, professional Miami roofers like A-1 Property Services for all your residential roofing needs. Contact Us today!

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