3 Things You Need to Know about PVC Roofing

Its technical name is decidedly unsexy: polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is a tough, long-lasting single-ply roofing material ideally matched to Miami’s hot, wet climate. Its performance, though, is only part of the story. Three things you need to know about the kind of PVC roofing Miami businesses rely upon are its weight, its flexibility and its reflectivity.


Compared to other roofing materials, the PVC roofing Miami businesses cap their properties with puts minimal strain on structural members. This means existing roofs can stay in place, with the durable PVC roofing laid right over them, adding very little weight to the structure. This results in no tear-offs, no landfill costs and no lost embedded energy costs.


Miami proudly struts its architectural wonders, with commercial and industrial properties that use curves, angles, skews and other roofing challenges to provide dramatic cityscapes and eye-catching panoramas. Roofing all those odd shapes is easy when you use PVC single-ply membrane. The flexible, predictable thickness of the material makes onsite adjustments easy.

Amazingly, much of the PVC roofing that tops Miami businesses is prefabricated in enormous, single pieces. Heat-welded seams allow for entire PVC membranes to stretch across 100’ widths with ease.


Miami is all about heat. You struggle to keep cooling costs down, and sometimes the wrong roof will work against you. PVC roofing single-ply membrane is reflective, so it allows for cool roofing strategies that actually lower your cooling costs.

Because PVC membrane is so durable, the one-time cost to buy and install a PVC roof can provide significant return on investment (ROI) through energy savings (and reduced maintenance costs!).

By selecting the right color for the single-ply membrane on your roof, you can help prevent Miami heat islands, which helps hold down cooling costs for everyone and reduces the strain on our natural resources.

After decades on your building, a PVC roof is entirely recyclable, too, which also returns energy costs, says industry leader VinylRoofs.org. Some Miami commercial property owners even use PVC membrane as the waterproof subsurface for green roofing, with actual living plants and trees to help with cooling their buildings.
Why PVC? If you are still undecided about whether PVC commercial roofing is right for your industrial or commercial building, please contact us at A1 Property Services. We can help you see why the PVC roofing Miami businesses frequently purchase can work well for you, too.

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