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Having a new HVAC system installed in your home is a big investment, and choosing the right contractor to do the work isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

So, how do you decide? By asking the following questions, you’ll find a qualified contractor with the expertise to do the job right.

1. Do they official certification or licenses? Is their work OSHA compliant?

Unfortunately, there are companies doing heating and air conditioning installations who aren’t licensed. Reputable companies have copies of their licenses available for your review.

Choosing a company which meets OSHA standards also is important. OSHA has a set of rules for HVAC technicians – especially for those who work on industrial and commercial construction sites.

2. Are they insured?

Choosing a contractor who isn’t insured puts your family and the value of your home at risk. It may also leave you liable for any accidents and injuries which happen on the job.

3. How long have they been in business?

Choose a company who has been in business long enough to build a solid track record while having the experience to handle any HVAC installation.

4. What is their experience?

The number of years a contractor has been in business is important but so is the company’s experience. What kind of jobs have they done? What is their reputation in the community?

5. What are the company’s reviews? What do past customers say?

It pays to do your research and read online reviews of past customers. It never hurts to ask for references, either.

6. How do they determine the right HVAC size?

Correct sizing is crucial for any residential HVAC installation. If it’s improperly sized, it won’t properly regulate the temperature of your home and may wear out faster.

In many cases, the size of an HVAC system is based on your home’s square footage, the base BTU, and the height of your ceiling.

7. What are the regular maintenance needs of your new system?

Proper maintenance is essential for the efficient operation and longevity of your HVAC system. Ask the contractor what regular maintenance is needed and what maintenance plan they offer.

8. What should you expect during the whole process?

A qualified contractor will provide a timeline for how long the installation will take and maintain open and frequent communication. They will leave a clean space thoroughly after the work is finished. They will give you tips for maintenance have a maintenance plan available for future cleaning and repairs.

A-1 Property Services is your best bet for HVAC installation in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. They’re experts in installation, replacement, service, and maintenance.

Avoid HVAC Nightmares By Asking These 8 Questions First