Choosing The Best Traffic Coatings For Your Parking Garage

The amount of wear and tear that a parking garage in Miami experiences as a result of basic daily use can be significant over time. Markings painted on the concrete will begin to fade, and cracks and potholes may begin to develop. That’s why choosing a high-quality traffic coating for a parking garage is so vital to protecting its condition and appearance.

What are Traffic Coatings?

Traffic coatings are sealings, stains or membranes that perform different functions. Certain traffic coatings can help to protect concrete against water damage as well as chemical damage (which can occur when different fluids leak from parked cars onto the concrete).

Other traffic coatings may help to preserve any markings painted on the concrete to prevent them from fading over time as a result of exposure to weather as well as constant pressure from vehicles. Then there are the more heavy duty traffic coatings, which are designed to protect concrete in the harshest environments.

Parking Garage Coatings

Not all parking garages have the same needs. Here at A-1 Property Services, we can work with you to determine what type of traffic coating will best suit your parking garage.

We offer three different types of traffic coatings that will meet a wide range of needs, including the following:

Economic – Our economic traffic coatings work as concrete sealers and stains that provide a clean look and that are more suitable for non-occupied spaces. This type of traffic coating lasts for up to two years and is available in a VOC-compliant version.

Good – Our VOC compliant good traffic coatings consist of a single component urethane membrane that offers a nice aesthetic appearance. They are available in standard colors and designs and are suitable for non-occupied spaces. They should last between five and 15 years depending on system design and are available with a warranty of up to ten years.

Premium – Our premium traffic coatings consist of two component epoxy primers used with two component urethane membranes. They are designed to protect occupied spaces against the harshest environments and are chemical-resistant. They typically last for up to 20 years and come with warranties of up to 30 years.

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