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Commercial Roof Inspection Services in Miami

Businesses who own or manage commercial buildings in Miami all share one thing in common, the need for routine and after-storm roof inspections. Commercial roofs that are ignored and do not receive the regular attention needed will become problematic, depreciate more quickly, lead to potential penalties, insurance problems, legal liabilities, in addition to many other negatives.

Commercial Roof Inspections Services in Miami
Qualified Commercial Roof Inspections Services in Miami

The Importance of Qualified Commercial Roof Inspectors

Not only are regular roof inspections and inspections after storms imperative for maintaining a dependable roof, but the inspector hired for the job is also extremely important. Florida certification requirements for roofers vary throughout the state. In Miami, requirements vary based on the jurisdiction, and industry standards.

Finding a qualified commercial roof inspector requires a check-off list. Before selecting a roof inspector, it’s highly recommended to carefully review the potential inspector’s certifications, experience, previous experience recommendations, and several other factors.

Below are the Most Common Miami Commercial Roof Inspector Requirements:

Routine Scheduled Inspections

Education and Training

Commercial roof inspectors who are the most qualified to inspect roofs in Miami will have undergone training courses and/or certification programs specifically designed for commercial roof systems in this region.

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Certifications from reliable and reputable organizations specific to roofing and building will instill confidence that the roof inspector’s ability to handle the job efficiently. Some of the certifications to look for are offered by the National Roofing Contractors Association (aka: NRCA), International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (aka: IBEC) or other similar industry-specific organizations. Certifications from common roofing material manufacturers may also be advantageous.

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Continuing Education

A reliable roof inspector will also have continued learning and keeping up to date with the latest roofing building codes, materials, technologies, and other information for maintaining a commercial roof for longevity.

Roof Cleaning


Google and other online resources have made it easier than ever to find out a contractor’s reputation. Be sure to take the time to do some research and find out the level of experience a potential inspector carries. The best choice for a commercial roof inspector will have plenty of experience inspecting commercial roofs and finding roof problems and defects.

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Any contractor hired should have the appropriate insurance necessary to do a job. A commercial roofing inspector is no exception. You will want to be sure the inspector you recruit has valid liability insurance coverage for their employees, as well as the client (on the property being inspected). Proper insurance coverage is necessary to protect everyone in the event of accidents, errors, or omissions.

Emergency Roof Repairs


An inspector, or a commercial roof inspection service, who is going to be able to get the job done correctly is going to have vast knowledge. The professional will have a strong understanding of roofing systems (especially your building’s roofing system). He will also be seasoned in knowledge regarding the materials, techniques used, as well as relevant roofing building codes and regulations for Miami and/or wherever the building is located.

Inspection Reports and Maintenance Documentation


Needless to say, if your roof inspector speaks a different language, or is difficult to understand, he is not your best bet. The ability to communicate is crucial when it comes to your roofing system. A commercial roof inspector that is right for the job will be able to clearly explain what he has found after the inspection. Any recommendations or issues will be easily explained to everyone involved pertaining to the inspection.

Inspection Reports and Maintenance Documentation


Most need no mention of the dangers involved with working on, or simply walking on, the top of a roof. Commercial buildings are typically much higher and risk more hazardous conditions than residential homes and require even more caution. When researching potential roof inspectors for a commercial building, you will also want to look for those who have prioritized safety. Mentions of accidents or injuries is not a good sign.

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