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Structures in Miami require the toughest roofs possible. Concrete roofing is one of the best options for commercial buildings, and even homes, in Florida. Concrete roofs have been used on buildings for many years, but homeowners are also realizing the benefits of installing concrete roofing here in the tropics. Other than metal roofing, concrete provides some of the best protection against tropical storms and hurricanes available.

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What Types of Concrete Roofing are Available?

Concrete roofs are available using concrete tiles or slabs. Both options are reinforced with fiberglass or steel to increase the roof’s strength and durability. But what is the difference between the two options?

The Difference Between Concrete Slabs and Concrete Tiles?

Slabs and tiles are installed differently. However, both are extremely durable and offer longevity.

Below describes the characteristics of concrete slabs vs concrete tiles:

Concrete Slabs: Slabs for concrete roofing are large and heavy, flat pieces of concrete used to cover the entire roof’s surface with one piece. Slabs are most often used for commercial flat or low slope roofs but may be used for residential homes with flat roof designs. The slabs are usually square or rectangular and installation consists of overlapping rows, resulting in a continuous roof surface. This type of roofing helps to offer more resilience and structural support than tile roofs and is proactive in preventing water infiltration. Concrete slabs are installed by pouring concrete directly onto the roof’s surface. Then the roofer will form the concrete into the projected shape. Materials, such as steel bars or mesh are added to increase the roof’s durability.

Concrete Tiles: Tiles are available in a variety of shapes, including curved, flat, or interlocking profiles. They can also take on the appearance of other types of roofing materials, including clay or slate tiles. Tiles are ideal for pitched or sloped roofs and typically used for both residential and commercial office buildings. Concrete tiles are installed individually or in overlapping rows covering the entire roof’s surface. This type of roofing is installed with fasteners or adhesive, but the actual method of installation varies based on the type of tile used, as well as the anticipated roof design.

Is Concrete Roofing a Good Choice in Florida?

The answer to this question is, yes. The only other type of roofing that exceeds concrete is metal roofing.

Below are the Benefits of Choosing Concrete Roofing for Your Home or Building:

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Energy Efficient

Concrete roofing has thermal mass properties that implement the regulation of temperatures indoors. This, in turn, reduces the consumption of energy because air conditioners will not need to run as often in the Florida hot sun.

Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage

Fire Resistant

Because concrete is, for the most part, resistant to fire, concrete roofing of any type will significantly provide more protection from wildfires (and threats from other nearby occurrences) than asphalt and other less resistant roofing materials.

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Hurricane Resistant

Regardless of which option selected, slabs or tiles, both types of roofing are highly resistant to hurricane force winds and impact from debris.

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Long Lasting

When concrete roofs are installed correctly, these roof systems have the ability to last up to fifty (50) years or more. Concrete roofing will also require less frequent repairs, maintenance, or the need for replacement. This makes concrete one of the more cost-effective roofing options available.

Cost for roof

Insurance Discounts

There are often discounts and incentives offered by insurance companies for homes and buildings that install concrete roofing. This is due to the fact that concrete is more durable than less resilient roofing systems.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Concrete is resistant to mold and mildew making concrete roofing a great choice to reduce the risk of leaks and other moisture-related problems. It will also help to improve the air quality indoors.

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Concrete is an excellent choice for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Nonetheless, in order for a roofing system to be installed correctly and to remain in the best condition, you will need to hire an experienced, licensed, bonded, and certified roofing company or contractor. A-1 Property Services has been providing high quality roofing services in Miami and the surrounding areas since 2006. We are GAF certified roofers with an A+ BBB rating.  Our team is also available for a full menu of other roofing services, including inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Call us today to request a quote at 786-386-1149 or simply contact us online. We look forward to answering all of your questions.