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Why Correct Metal Roofing Installation MattersAs professional metal roofers in Miami, we know the advantages of this type of roofing system over others in terms of maintenance, wind/fire resistance, energy efficiency, durability and more. While a metal roof is great in terms of ROI, correct installation is imperative to your roof’s integrity and to ensure against leaks or other potential problems. Why is it so important to have a metal roof installed by professionals?

DIY Metal Roofers in Miami

You may be one of the many who enjoy taking on home projects on your own, but when it comes to a metal roof it’s an entirely different game. Common mistakes made by those who aren’t professionals include:

  • Improper fastening. There is a right way to drive screw fasteners into a metal roof so that you don’t experience “backing out” of the screws or rusting, and a wrong way.
  • Using thin (and less expensive) roofing panels. Roofing panels of 26 gauge or thinner may be easier to work with and less costly, but you’ll likely end up with what is referred to as “oil canning” given the extremely hot and humid weather in Miami during summer months, which is essentially a wavy metal roof.
  • Increased risk of leaks when not installed on a specific grade depending on the slope of the roof.

What Professional Metal Roofers in Miami Know that a Do-It-Yourselfer May Not Know

  • There are various types of materials used in metal roofing and which is best depends on the specific project. Metal roofs are not all alike and are designed with various features and benefits.
  • Metal roofing contractors know all of the factors involved in installing a residential metal roof, including proper installation on specific grades to eliminate the likelihood of leaks, standing water or damage.
  • A roofing warranty protects your investment. When it comes to the one component of your home that protects everything underneath it, why take shortcuts?

When it comes to installing a roof on your home, it’s best to leave a job of this scope to expert metal roofers in Miami. A do-it-yourself approach could result in a roof that isn’t properly fastened, has jagged edges where cuts were made, that leaks or worse.

At A-1 Property Services we provide free estimates and contractors who are skilled, experienced and undergo regular training to ensure quality, exceptional results. Give our metal roofers in Miami a call today!

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Why Correct Metal Roofing Installation Matters