Why Flat Roof Ponding Happens and How To Fix It

Water intrusion is always potentially catastrophic, but flat roof ponding presents a significant challenge. It occurs when roofs have poor drainage which fails to promote drying within two days of heavy rain. Storms can result in significant damage, causing your roof to deteriorate prematurely.

What Causes Flat Roof Ponding?

To avoid pooling, your flat roof needs:

  • Correctly-installed positive drainage without flow obstructions.
  • To be guarded against compaction and indentation.
  • A slight slope to encourage drainage.
  • Air conditioning and vents should never cause protrusions and extra points of vulnerability.

All flat roofs collect water after rain, but excessive ponding and water which doesn’t drain within 48 hours cannot be ignored.

Low spots on flat roofs have several common causes:

  1. Setting – If your building has settled into its foundation, low spots may form. Settling happens in all buildings, but it shouldn’t be left to create serious flat roof damage.
  2. Freeze and thaw cycles can cause expansion and swelling, setting your roof off-slope.
  3. Roof insulation may undergo excessive compression, compromising roof structure. Roofing material can breach, leading to saturated insulation. Your system compresses, setting your roof off-center. Heavy HVAC units can cause the same problem.
  4. When gutters aren’t working as they should, water has no way to drain. The more pooling occurs, the more your roof slope will suffer, so keeping your gutters clean and clear of debris are crucial.
  5. Building materials contract and expand with the weather. This is a natural process, but it can deform your building’s structure, resulting in sagging.
  6. Leaves, soil, and vegetation can clog up your drainage system. As ice and snow worsen the problem, your roofing will start to deteriorate.

How to Fix Flat Roof Ponding

All low spots can cause expensive problems if ignored for too long. Ultimately, you might need to replace your roof entirely. A roof slope product can often repair the slope before ponding becomes catastrophic. A reliable roofer often will repair tears and holes along the seams of your roofing if addressed quickly. If left for too long, however, your entire roof will need to be replaced.

Request an Inspection and/or Quote for Flat Roof Repairs

If your roofing materials are leaking, mechanical repairs are the stitch in time that saves nine. Ponding repairs must be as sustainable as the roof itself, so always seek out a trusted professional solution. A-1 Property Services offers only the most durable roof repairs, helping you to avoid more extensive roof replacements. Call us today at 786-386-1149 to discuss a lasting solution today. You may also contact us online.