Make the best of your flat roof replacement

The best flat roof replacement Miami businesses could hope for will combine economy, longevity and minimal business disruption.

Take Your Business to the Top with these 3 Flat Roof Replacement Tips

1. Reduce Costs

For flat roof replacement, Miami business owners should look beyond a lowball estimate. Low-slope roofing can serve other purposes besides protecting the business beneath it:

  • Energy savings by using reflective materials to lower cooling costs
  • Green roofing (rooftop green space) to improve community public relations and provide employee benefits
  • Running track — tie this in with a fitness program so your employees and the roof get a real workout

When considering the need for a flat roof replacement, think of it as an opportunity to make better use of some valuable real estate.

2. Improve Longevity

Once you decide the roles your commercial roof will play, look for the longest lasting material suitable for your needs:

  • Single-ply roofing is great and lasts for decades, but may not hold up to constant foot traffic
  • Built-up roofing (BUR) is easily maintained and repaired, though this becomes labor intensive
  • Modified bitumen, put down in multiple layers, withstands abrasion and piercing better than some single-ply PVC
  • Spray coatings increase reflectivity on any roof, and provide additional waterproofing

3. Avoid Disruptions

With flat roof replacement, Miami commercial property managers want the job done quickly, cheaply and perfectly (this is an unattainable combination, by the way). One place not to skimp is on roof installation. Combine the best local commercial roofer with the best materials and let the roofer do a superior job, even if it takes an extra day. As the old flat roof is removed, your exposed roof deck may reveal structural flaws that affect the schedule.

Disruptions to your business can be minimized if you openly communicate with your roofer. Access is one issue; perhaps the roofing trucks and equipment can be situated at the back of your building. Other issues to work out:

  • Business hours
  • Disruptions to customers
  • Noise
  • Smells
  • Access to the underside of the roof deck (top floor interior access)

When you work with your roofer to prioritize your needs (minimal customer disruption) and the roofer’s schedule (weekends, early mornings or evenings), you both come out on top.

A-1 Property Services would like to help take your low slope roof replacement project to the highest level of quality. Contact us today to learn how we can perform the kind of flat roof replacement for your business. We offer roof placement services in Miami for both homes and businesses.