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Here Are The 3 Great Services A-1 Property Services Provides

A-1 Property Services is one of the leading residential and commercial roofing companies in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. Our main objective is to offer you an unsurpassed combination of service, quality, and assurance. Our roofing crews are highly-trained, experienced, and equipped to accommodate any size project.

The Types of Services We Offer

From the first call through to the completion of the job, you can trust us to make every interaction a positive experience. We’re dedicated to excellence and complete customer satisfaction. This is highlighted by the great roofing products we use. As a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, we can offer you the full range of GAF roofing products and warranties.

Commercial Roofing Services

Your Miami or Fort Lauderdale commercial property deserves nothing short of a strong, leak-free roof which remains reliable day after day. If the vitality of your operation is threatened by a damaged or failing roofing system, A-1 Property Services can help. We offer reliable, high-quality solutions to contribute to your roof’s strength, performance, and longevity.

  • Commercial Roof Replacement Services

If your commercial roof has extensive damage or is at the end of its expected lifespan, having it replaced might be your best option. We know how much you might dread a total roof replacement, but delaying it can cause more significant and costly problems down the road.

When it’s time for your business to invest in a new roof, you can trust A-1 Property Services to provide efficient services and high-performance. We know Miami commercial roofing and can help determine which roofing material suits your property best.

  • Commercial Roof Repair Services

A variety of problems can plague your commercial roof’s health, including leaks, gaps in flashing, and standing water. Small roofing problems can grow into big headaches if not addressed at the right time. If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, A-1 Property Services can complete an inspection, determine the underlying cause of the problem, and recommend an appropriate solution.

For roofing emergencies, we’re always on call and ready to fix your problem or tarp your roof until permanent repairs can be scheduled.

  • Commercial Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Our commercial roof inspection and maintenance plans are designed to ensure your roof remains in good condition for years and give you peace of mind. Our time-tested ten-point inspection process helps us check every nook and cranny of your roofing and correct problems before they get out of hand.

Residential Roofing

Your home’s roof is essential for keeping your family and possessions safe from damaging elements. As such, it’s important it gets the care it needs to withstand years of exposure to harsh weather conditions. Our roofing technicians have the experience and skills to provide impeccable workmanship and the results you need to keep your home in good condition.

  • Residential Roof Replacement

No roof is designed to last forever. When it’s time for yours to retire, we can replace it with the utmost of expertise and efficiency. We can help choose and install the best roofing materials to meet your needs for durability and appearance.

We work with fiberglass, metal, and asphalt roofing materials. Our replacement systems come with the best product and workmanship warranties available.

  • Residential Roof Repair

From minor fixes to major repairs, you can count on our detail-oriented roofing professionals to get the job done. We’ll inspect your roof, identify the source of the problem, and restore structural integrity.

Our team is always ready to respond to roofing emergencies in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. You can call us at any time to handle the problem and prevent further damage.

  • Residential Roof Maintenance

A-1 Property Services provides routine roof inspection and maintenance to help Miami homeowners ensure their roofs reach their expected life span.


Moisture is one of the greatest enemies of architecture. It crawls into corners and creeps between bricks, disintegrating the integrity of the structure and bringing toxic substances into the workspace. Waterproofing should be a core part of your property’s preventative maintenance. It helps prevent water damage, maintain your building’s youthful look, and save you from costly repairs.

At A-1 Property Services we’re the premier source of waterproofing solutions in the Miami & Fort Lauderdale areas. We’re committed to keeping water out of your building and solving your water intrusion issues.

  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems

As the initial point of entry for many commercial properties, parking garages take a beating. The combination of harsh weather, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and cars leaking fuel can cause deterioration over time. We can apply vehicle and pedestrian traffic coating systems to seal cracks and prevent damage.

If the area is damaged significantly, we have the experience and resources to remove the existing surface and restore it to pristine conditions.

  • Waterproofing Plaza Decks & Green Roofing

Green roofs and plaza decks help improve the aesthetics and outdoor experience of a commercial building. They’re constantly exposed to the elements, which makes it all the more important to have the surface waterproofed.

At A-1, we provide design and waterproofing services to meet your plaza deck and green roofing needs. Our package may include vegetation, soil, filter fabrics, insulation, topping slab, Astro-turf, and water retention mats.

  • Below Grade Waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing involves applying coatings and membranes to the foundation walls of a structure to prevent migration of moisture in the foundation.

We are experts in below-grade waterproofing and can help select the appropriate solution for your specific project and unique jobsite conditions. We have extensive experience working with all types of commercial roofing materials.

Contact A-1 Property Services for a Roofing Estimate!

When you hire us to provide roofing or waterproofing services, we make it our mission to maximize the value of the money you invest in the project. We’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation, handle the project with attention to detail, and go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Call us today at 786-386-1149 to learn more about our services. You may also contact us or request a quote online. We look forward to speaking with you.

3 Great Services A-1 Property Services Provides