How Metal Roofs Hold Their Value

Is a metal roof a bargain? When you get your invoice after installation, you may not think so, but look at that number and divide it by 50. A metal roof expertly installed by Miami metal roofers will last around 50 years. Metal roofs hold their value, and then some.

Easy Choice

The experts at Home Advisor peg the average cost for Miami metal roofers to install a new metal roof at $13,111, with a range from $7222 to $19,000. Even tacking on a $1,000 to the high end (for simpler math), a $20,000 installation over 50 years is only $400 a year. Wait, can that be right? Yes! For roughly a dollar a day you can have the highest quality metal roof installed in your Miami home and have it last for half a century.

Use the Miami average and you only pay $262.22 a year for a complete, energy-efficient, durable metal roof that may well outlast your time in that Miami house.

In the same time, you can enjoy a 50-year metal roof, you may need to replace a fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof — twice. Home Advisor estimates a shingle roof’s average cost in Miami at $10,891. It may last 20 years (if you are fortunate). So in 50 years, you really need 2.5 of those roofs, for a total estimated cost of $27,227.50, or a per-year cost of $544.55. Yes, the shingle roof will cost more than the beautiful metal roofing installed by Miami metal roofers.

Moving Soon!

Ah, you say, but you plan to move within a decade, so why invest in a metal roof? A metal roof boosts your home value from between one and six percent, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, SFGate. You can also recoup most of the costs you incur in having Miami metal roofers install a sturdy, attractive metal roof.

So whether you plan to stay in one spot in Miami for decades to come, or plan to move within a few years, a metal roof will not only hold its value, it will add to your home’s curb appeal and resale value. It will outlast any other roofing choice, and it requires almost no maintenance.

To learn more about residential metal roofing, contact one of the best Miami metal roofers, A-1 Property Services. We would be happy to show you examples of fine metal roofs gracing many Miami residences.

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