How To Plan Your Roof Replacement Costs

If a new commercial roof is expected to last 20 years, when do you start saving for it?

The day your current roof goes into service. Saving for capital improvements should include annual reserves for annual roof inspection, repair, and a new roof which may be decades away.

Plan For Success

You cannot accurately predict what new roof costs will be two decades on. You do know your accountants will find the right balance between saving for it and financing it. You also know what typical commercial roof replacement costs have been historical.

Between your financial department and your local commercial roofer, you can set a goal to save, say, three percent of historic costs annually, so by the time you need the new roof, you will have more than half the capital needed (three percent times 20 years = some 60 percent of historic costs).

The advisers at Facilities Net have demonstrated, though, that any extensive roof replacement or repair project uncovers hidden issues. Plan for the unexpected:

  • Insulation which is damp or has a low R-value
  • Structural deficiencies in the roof deck and structure
  • Incorrectly sloped insulation for low-slope “flat” roofing
  • Upgrades needed for code compliance

Do It Right

No commercial property manager wants to start the roof replacement process too soon. Unfortunately, too many wait too long. While a good commercial roof may average 20 years, your building’s unique situation requires input from the people who know it best:

  • Your own facilities crew
  • Your local commercial roofing partner

Miami’s blazing sun may hasten chemical degradation in the top layer of a single-ply membrane, breaking down the scrim or opening seams. High temperatures may affect the many layers of built-up roofing (BUR).

What is the risk? Water leaks, which can hurt a bottom line far more severely than the capital expense of a new roof. Consider inventory, factory equipment, mold problems, and low employee morale, all chalked up under the “costs” column. Facilities Net advises that even one bout of operational downtime (due to a leak) could be the entire cost of a new roof. Plan, save and commission your new roof project on your terms, not terms dictated by an emergency.

For short-term roof repair and long-term roofing assets management, A-1 Property Services is your local, reliable partner in Miami roofing. Contact us today and we can help you plan for tomorrow.