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How to Prioritize Repairs After a Hurricane

When a hurricane roars through South Florida and your property’s roof is damaged, it puts your commercial building’s structure and contents in jeopardy. A hurricane’s fierce winds, pounding rain and flying debris can inflict serious harm on your low-slope commercial roof, even if you’ve taken all the right precautions in advance. To minimize the physical and financial impact of any damage your roof may have sustained, you need to react quickly to prioritize needed repairs.

Check for Leaks Into the Building’s Interior

Once the storm abates, it’s vital to check for leaks because water intrusions into the roof system and building structure need attention right away. Do a walk-through of the building, looking for evidence of leaks, like sagging tiles and stained ceilings or walls, or water puddles on the floors, and take photos of any damage you find. Then, have your maintenance personnel clean up the water to prevent slips and falls, and put out buckets or other containers to catch any further leakage. Don’t send your staff up onto the roof; avoid exposing them to safety hazards like a weakened roof deck, shorted-out equipment or downed power lines.

Call an Experienced Roofing Pro

If you have any amount of water getting into the building via the roof, immediately get in touch with a Miami roofing contractor who works with your type of commercial roof system. Reputable Miami roofing contractors have emergency response teams standing by when severe weather is forecast, so they can arrive quickly to do a damage assessment when you call. Then, they’ll take appropriate short-term measures to stop water intrusions in damaged areas they’ve identified, which might be a torn or billowing membrane, missing perimeter or base flashing, or punctures or holes in the roof field from wind-borne debris or toppled rooftop equipment.

Follow Your Roofer’s Recommendations on Repairs

As soon as circumstances allow, a dependable roofer will return to complete a thorough follow-up inspection of your roof. You’ll receive an inspection report with details and photos of the damages found, along with a prioritized list of recommended repairs and cost estimates. A Miami roofing contractor who’s experienced with repairing storm-damaged roofs can also help you file insurance-related paperwork to make the claim process less onerous.

If the roof on your Miami property has suffered hurricane damage, contact us at A-1 Property Services for skilled and responsive emergency roofing, inspection and repair services.

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How to Prioritize Repairs After a Hurricane