How to Know If Your Roofing Contractor is Being Dishonest

It’s an unfortunate fact that the roofing industry is plagued by dishonest contractors who use all sorts of schemes and manipulative tactics on homeowners who need roof repairs or replacements. To help you weed out the scammers, we’ve put together this list of common practices of dishonest roofers and how a trustworthy Miami roofing contractor behaves in comparison.

Overstated Roof Damage

An unethical roofing company will sometimes overstate the extent of repairs needed on your roof, even if the roof is relatively new, then tell you that a replacement is your only option. An honest roofer won’t exaggerate the amount of damage, and will offer you appropriate solutions by helping you weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Big Same-Day Discounts

If a roofing contractor tells you they have a last minute cancellation and they’ll give you a hefty discount if they can get started right away, beware. This tactic is used to get you to sign a contract on the spot, before you have a chance to shop around and find out that they’re not really giving you any discount. Honest roofers won’t pressure you to make a decision, and you will have ample time to compare bids.

Upfront Payments

A less-than-honest roofer may ask for a down payment. Supposedly, so they can buy materials or pay a subcontractor. Some might take your down payment and simply disappear. Others may pocket your money and leave you facing a property lien from an unpaid supplier or subcontractor. A well-established roofing contractor who’s financially stable won’t ask for an upfront payment at all.

Mid-Project Cost Increases

Some unscrupulous roofers put in a unrealistically low bid that they hope you can’t resist. Once it’s accepted and your roof is torn off, you get hit with sudden cost increases. They may even threaten to quit mid-project so you’re forced to agree to the price hike or be left without a functional roof. In contrast, a reliable roofer gives you an accurate quote and sticks to it.

Monthly Payment Price Quotes

A roofer should show you what the full price of a roof is going after they have been able to calculate their labor and material needs. Reputable roofers give you a full price estimate before showing you their payment options.

If you’re looking for a Miami roofing contractor who’s honest and dependable, contact us at A-1 Property Services.

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