3 Things To Look Out For On Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs on commercial buildings in the Miami area are made to last for years, but they can develop problems over time. These problems can affect the performance of your commercial roof, so it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible. Watch for the following commercial roof problems.

Buckled or Blistering Asphalt

Asphalt roofs can buckle or blister due to ventilation problems or other factors. This type of problem is typically easy to spot since buckling or blistering affects the appearance of your flat roof. Affected parts of your roof might have a blistered or bubbled surface or look as though they’re being pushed up from below.

Either might indicate a moisture problem with your roof, which should be fixed promptly. Ensuring your building has enough ventilation can help prevent blistering or buckling from occurring.

Ponding Water and Leaks

Water can easily slide down slanted roofs, but this isn’t the case with flat roofs, even with their slight pitch. Due to their design, flat roofs are more prone to having water pool on their surface. Ponding water from rain can then lead to serious moisture damage or leaks.

When water builds up in one or more areas of your commercial roof, it can seep through and affect the interior of your building. These moisture problems or leaks can result in structural issues, wood rot, and property damage. Moisture can promote mold growth, which can cause health problems for those inside your building.

Flat roofs have a slight slant to them, which should lower the risk of ponding. Professional roofers can check for drainage issues with your roof in order to prevent ponding from occurring and leading to severe damage.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing on your commercial roof helps protect it from moisture damage. Exposure to the elements, along with wear and tear, can end up damaging the flashing. Damaged flashing puts your flat roof has a higher risk of developing moisture damage.

Roofing experts can repair damaged flashing to prevent moisture problems from occurring. Having professional inspections done regularly can also help you catch signs of damaged flashing, such as cracks or peeling, right away.

If you’re having commercial roof problems, contact A-1 Property Services in Miami for reliable service.