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What To Look For in A Metal Roofing Contractor

If you need repairs or a complete replacement for your metal roofing, you should hire a contractor with the right qualities and qualifications for the job. What qualities do they need to have? Use this checklist to figure out which roofing contractor is best for you.

How to Hire a Metal Roofing Contractor

Below are five important features to look for when hiring a metal roofing contractor:

1. A Company License

Any roofing contractor considered for your metal roofing job should have a license. Licensed roofing contractors in Florida have to go through certain training processes to get their license. They are much more likely to give you a quality job.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

You don’t want anything to happen to anyone who works on your roof. However, if something does happen you don’t want to be liable for the accident. Work only with roofing contractors who have insurance covering their employees should something happen while they are repairing or installing your roof.

3. Physical Location

There are roofing companies who come and go out of town (especially after the storm season). It is best for you to work with a roofing contractor who lives in your area. These permanent contractors will be around later if you have questions, or have problems needing repair or replacement.

4. Reputation

Not every review you read online is accurate. But if you find many more positive reviews than bad, you are more than likely able to trust that roofing contractor with your metal roof. Use the company’s website for information about their services. But be sure to do an online search to find out more about their true reputation. 

5. Permits

You want a roofing contractor to know about the proper permits necessary for accomplishing your roofing project.  He should also have the ability to get these permits without any complications. This is any experienced, licensed and certified roofer’s area of expertise. Proof of documentation should be available for you to review.


Request a Quote from a Certified Metal Roofing Contractor in Miami

It may not be easy to find a roofing contractor in Miami who can check all of those boxes listed above. However, A-1 Property Services certainly can!   Call us today at 786-386-1149. We will inspect your metal roof to see if you need repairs or if a complete replacement would be better. Our friendly representatives will answer all of your questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the process from start to finish. You may also contact us online. Financing options are available.

What to Look for in a Metal Roofing Contractor