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Make the Best Checklist for HVAC Preventative Maintenance TEMPLATE


Taking care of your commercial HVAC system with regular maintenance is essential for many reasons, such as helping you to keep your energy consumption at a reasonable, affordable level.


Keeping up with an HVAC system’s maintenance needs can be challenging for any property manager, but having a plan in place – such as a checklist – can make it fit more easily into your daily schedule.


What should a maintenance checklist look like? Here’s a look at some items to include on it:


1. Tasks for the right season

HVAC maintenance typically takes place in the spring and fall, although your needs may vary depending on the condition of your system.


Some spring (and summer) maintenance tasks include:


*Checking the condition of belts and pulleys; replace as needed.

*Clearing drain lines and pans.

*Replacing the filters on cooling equipment.

*Clean the condenser and evaporator coils.

*Check for adequate air flow.

*Check the refrigerant charge and look for leaks if the charge is low.


Note: You should repeat some of the same tasks in the fall and winter, such as checking the condition of belts and pulleys, clearing drain lines and pans, checking the operation of the fan and blower motor, and lubricating motors, bearings, and other moving parts.


Some tasks exclusive to the fall and winter include:


*Replacing the filters on heating equipment.

*Inspecting the ignition and burner assembly.

*Inspecting the heat exchanger.

2. Checking and changing air filters

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect the air filters on your commercial HVAC installation – even every month, if possible. You should change the air filters every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Staying on top of air filter checks and changes is essential for keeping your system running at a high level while reducing energy costs.

3. Programming thermostats

Program your system’s thermostats at the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons, and during times when temperatures don’t require regular use of your HVAC installation. During times of less consistent use, it’s important to program your thermostats for optimal energy savings.


The proper commercial HVAC maintenance will help your building’s heating and cooling systems operate efficiently all year while also creating energy savings for your business.


If your commercial building needs maintenance or repair, call the professionals at A-1 Property Services of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A-1 also handles commercial HVAC installation.


Make the Best Checklist for HVAC Preventative Maintenance