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Upraised Fastener on a Metal Roof Picture 1061A number of factors can contribute to the damage or disrepair of any metal roof. If you are experiencing problems with seepage due to improper roof installation, damaged fasteners or other problems, consider contacting a local roofing contractor for expert assistance. Although there are many possible causes for the deterioration of metal roofs, here are three typical issues to be aware of.

Incorrect Metal Panel Offset

Metal roofs should always be installed with rainfall in mind. It is vital that a metal roof consists of tiles which overlap and allow water to flow off the surface easily. The offset of each tile is crucial to ensuring there is no water seepage and protecting the integrity of the building. If you believe a previous metal roof installation or repair neglected to address this issue, contact a local contractor for help before water seepage and rust get out of control.

Problems With Fasteners

Fasteners must be installed in a very particular way, especially on the flat portion of a metal roof’s surface. If fasteners are not installed correctly, the heads can begin to lift and allow seepage to occur. Another common problem with fasteners happens when the fastener and the metal roof consist of two different metals. During rainfall, a chemical reaction called electrolysis can occur which will accelerate the rate of rusting in the area around the fasteners. If fasteners on your roof are damaged or missing, consider having a professional contractor come out and install new fasteners right away.

Wear and Tear

Metal roofs will naturally deteriorate over time, expanding or contracting during the day. This is often referred to as Thermal Shock and may require repairs over time. Environmental factors like storms or fallen tree branches can also cause damage to a metal roof, especially if the roof is already compromised by other factors mentioned above. Repairing any visible damage is crucial to maintaining the integrity of any building with a metal roof. Contact a roofing contractor to get a quote on any repairs before the roof needs to be replaced entirely.

Neglecting to fix problems with metal roofs can lead to more costly repairs further down the road. To receive a professional evaluation of your roof, contact a local roofing contractor and get the help you need today. If you live in the Miami area, contact GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor like A-1 Property Services to get the professional assistance you need today.

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