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 What You Need to Know about Metal Roof Repair

With the recent heavy storms and hurricanes, many area roofers have been busy with Miami roof repair work, including metal roofing. Many of our own clients have been asking what more they can do to both protect their metal roof and get metal repair work done promptly.

Metal Roof Protection

In the Miami area, metal roofing is a definite plus for commercial buildings. Few Miami roof repair jobs entail widespread work on metal roofs. Why? Metal roofing is extremely durable, a trusted roofing method for some 300 years, and tough as nails against wind and weather. As experts at Facilities Net point out, metal roofing is the original “single ply” roofing.

If the metal roof has been installed correctly, it will withstand the pressure changes and wind uplift associated with heavy storms and hurricanes. Especially important is correct installation of cladding attachment; if attachment points are not engineered and installed right, the holes may elongate, the metal may buckle and twist, and entire roof panels may be torn free.

This means an essential part of metal roof repair is preventive work, including roof inspection, long before heavy weather. You can best protect your Miami company’s metal roof by working with a local, reliable roofer to set up a regular program of inspection and upkeep, so attachment points are truly strong, holes are correctly sized and round, and cladding is secure.

Quick Response

Since metal roofing is so durable, companies may be lulled into a false sense of security. Nothing is capable of tearing up a metal roof the way wind-borne debris can gouge and scour a ballasted roof, or a single-ply PVC membrane. But with three issues, quick response is essential for Miami roof repair companies to preserve your metal roof:

  1. Wind uplift that dislodges or tears away metal panels
  2. Wind-driven water that works up under laps
  3. Inadequate laps from poor original installation — these will not improve with time and must be corrected

Most other issues can wait for a routine repair visit. By having a long-standing relationship with a local roofer, you can be near the top of the roofer’s repair call list for those storm-related responses.

If your metal roof has received the brunt of a passing storm’s impact, contact us at A-1 Property Services today. We can assess your metal roof’s damage, advise on quick repairs and long-term improvements, and help you budget for a worry-free future.

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What You Need to Know about Metal Roof Repair