Considering Metal Roof Replacement? 3 Need-to-Knows

Metal roofing is all the rage in the residential roofing market. Metal tile, metal shingles and metal shakes offer fireproof beauty for 50+ years on homes across the Miami area. Commercial building owners, however, have known about the durability, economy and energy efficiency of metal roofs for decades. As you contemplate your building’s existing, aging roof, now is a good time to study the benefits of metal roof replacement.

1. Strength to Weight Ratio

Metal roofing has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is inherently strong and can offer other valuable benefits:

  • Minimal wind uplift — Meeting or exceeding the ASTM E1592 – 05(2012) test method to evaluate or confirm structural performance under uniform static air pressure difference
  • Highly resistant to water penetration — Metal roofing meets or exceeds ASTM E1646 and ASTM E2140
  • Reduced air infiltration and leakage — Important in preventing loss of cooled air during Miami’s hot summers, and infiltration of hot, humid air and tested by ASTM E1680

2. Hurricane Resistant

Miami faces fierce weather. It lies in one of the two Florida counties designated as High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). Metal roofing is superior to many other commercial roofing products for its ability to withstand:

  • Hurricane-force wind pressures
  • Wind-driven rain
  • Blunt force impact by wind-borne debris

Typical fastening methods used on metal roofs already meet these stringent guidelines.

3. Durability

Metal roofing in steep-slope and low-slope applications will generally outlast every other commercial roofing product. Typical life spans of 50 or more years mean economy, low embedded energy costs, sustainability and great return on investment (ROI). At the end of the roof’s useful life, nearly 100 percent of it can be easily recycled.

Part of the appeal for metal roof replacement is the many choices you have in selecting a new metal roof:

  • Shape — Vertical seam, pressed form panel, tile, shingle, shake, slate and natural metals can all be used effectively in most commercial applications
  • Color — The wide array of colors, including brighter, light-reflecting colors, provides for distinctive branding
  • Energy efficiency — Metal roofs build in lower cooling costs by reflecting the Miami sun’s infrared (heat) radiation, and insulation helps retain cooled building air

Deciding on a metal roof requires experience and industry savvy. Consult A1 Property Services today to learn more about metal roof replacement, decide on the most appropriate type of metal roof for your commercial building, and outline a strategy to answer financial and scheduling concerns.

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