Metal Roofing Maintenance Tips for your Commercial Roof

Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance?

Whether you chose or inherited a durable metal roof for your commercial property, congratulations! You have a tough, long-lasting roofing material that requires very little upkeep from your facilities maintenance crew. Among typical roofers, few spend the majority of their time repairing metal roofing. They work to fix BUR and modified bitumen roofs (a lot). They make occasional repairs to single-ply membranes, but they seldom have to answer a lot of metal roofing repair or service calls.

What is the Maintenance on a Metal Roof? 

Make metal roofing last even longer. The insiders on exterior metal roofing maintenance, Facilities Net, recommends regular inspections and maintenance on a few key metal roof areas. Miami metal roof contractors echo these recommendations.

Below are the “weak” spots on metal roofing:

  • Movement distress of panels and fasteners
  • Sealants
  • Fastener gaskets
  • Rain or hail damage
  • Degradation of surface coatings
  • Clogged drains and gutters

We say “weak” because metal roofing is by far the strongest, longest-lasting roofing material you can install on your commercial property. Expect a lifespan of 50 years with adequate care. For the best installation by certified Miami roofing contractors, you can expect decades of minimal effort and a lot of ROI from your up-front costs.

Fair and Unfair

Electrolysis can occur between flashing and metal roofing if the two dissimilar metals touch. This “fair touching unfair” metal contact comes from ions moving from one to the other, almost like rust. Both metals break down, so flashing and metal roofing together begin to corrode. This needs to be checked and stopped quickly, using sealants or fresh coatings.

Recoat to Restore

Experts at Metal Construction News remind us that recoating will restore a metal roof to close to its original finish without the high cost and long disruption of roof replacement. By putting back some of the fluoropolymer coating, you can preserve the roof while boosting energy efficiency from reflectivity. Spray or brush coatings also help seal out moisture and protect against water leaks around fastener holes.

Do not depend on your local paint store for the appropriate coating; enlist your local, reliable roofing contractors in Miami to recommend the proper coating to restore your roof.

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