Tips for Your New Commercial Roof Construction Project

Handling a Miami roofing project so that your business is not thrown into turmoil requires clear communication, a good schedule, and trust between you and your Miami roofing contractor. Whether getting a recover, complete tear-off or starting from the original construction, commercial roofing is a challenge made easier by following these tips.


Recovering an existing roof saves your business the cost of tear-off and disposal of the old roof. The experts at Facilities Net caution that your commercial roofer must be involved in planning for this, because of the added weight.

Moisture cannot be trapped under your old roofing, or allowed to infiltrate between old and new roofing. But for many Miami businesses, recovering provides benefits.

Below are the benefits of recovering an old roof:

  1. Improve thermal performance of the roof with an added layer of insulation
  2. Double the water protection because the old roof is still in place
  3. Save labor costs


Your Miami roofing contractor may advise you that a complete tear-off is warranted:

  • Moisture has permeated the roof below the top membrane
  • Mechanical or adhesive attachments cannot withstand wind uplift
  • Phenolic foam insulation was used in the existing roof (this creates corrosive acids on contact with water)

Tear-off is expensive; you will face a greater expense, though, with future repairs and structural defects in a deteriorated, recovered roof.

New Construction

In the Miami area, a new construction project is an opportunity to use technologically advanced roofing solutions.

Discuss with your roofer how you can recover much of your investment from the new roof by choosing a material, design or installation process that is:


Each type of new commercial roof project requires a different timeline, investment schedule and equipment staging. Your commercial roofer may be able to work evenings and weekends to avoid disrupting your customer flow or employee shifts.

Planning for the investment takes time, too. Meeting with your roofer at least a year before an impending roofing project can help you prepare budgets to handle the cost.

Choosing a Roofer

Select a local, trustworthy Miami roofing contractor rather than a national brand or temporary shop. Inspect their projects that used the same material as your project, or that underwent the same process. Get at least three bids, and get bids for choices, such as recover versus tear-off from each contractor.

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