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Roofing the Miami Zoo

Reroofing the Miami Zoo Project

We would be lion if we said we were not excited to have helped Zoo Miami to protect its buildings (and animals) with a roofing project. Not one, but three roofs needed our help, including one over the veterinary hospital. Shh… the animals are resting! The same care and attention we brought to Zoo Miami is available to you, our commercial customer.


A-1 Property Services was tasked with the roofs of Zoo Miami’s restaurant, commissary and veterinary hospital; three separate roofing jobs that each required a little something extra from the best of Miami commercial roofers.

Some of the same issues commercial customers face anywhere in south Florida were challenges to A-1 at the zoo:

  • Heat
  • Humidity
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Minimizing disruptions

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But we could not just be eager beavers about this job; the animals’ health and safety were paramount. We could not bear to think we might be adding to an innocent animal’s discomfort with noise and fumes.

Monitors of All Sorts

Zoo Miami enjoys displaying a crocodile monitor, but A-1 needed to monitor moisture levels and sound levels for this roofing job. A-1 started with a moisture survey and determined that cleaning, repair and coatings were the economical multi-step solution, but the work had to begin each day in mid-morning, after the humidity dropped.

No Egrets?

Zoo Miami has plenty of egrets, but no regrets with roof maintenance. Due to budgetary constraints that prevented a complete reroofing, cleaning and waterproof coatings would allow the zoo to extend the life of its roofs.

By keeping the crews moving and rotating, the entire project took only 10 days. By design, pressure washing was the loudest part of this job; all other work was quiet and produced minimal fumes.

Otterly Attentive

Our Miami roofing team was otterly attentive to the Zoo’s concerns about overspray. The initial seal coating was brushed on, with the second coating sprayed only after Zoo employees’ cars were moved and the greenery protected from stray chemicals. All three roofs benefited from this tough, 28-mil-thick finished coating.

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Attention to detail allowed the roofing crews to remove and replace wet insulation, seal and caulk penetrations, and secure flashings, all in three days across all three roofs.

Miami Commercial Roofing Contractors

A-1 Property Services can bring the same high level of customer care to your commercial roofing project that we gave Zoo Miami. Call us today at 786-386-1149 to learn why we are among the very best commercial roofing contractors in Miami. We offer services for all types of roofing systems, including TPO, Modified Bitumen, Concrete, Metal, and more!

Learn more about the Miami Zoo roofing job by A-1 Property Services in the article, “Ornamental Plumage for Miami Zoo Roofs” by Coatings Pro Magazine.


A-1 Rises to the Challenge — Reroofing the Miami Zoo