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A-1 Property Services holds some of the highest certifications in this Roofing industry. We are Factory Master Elite certified with GAF/ELK for residential roofing projects. In order to become a GAF MASTER ELITE roofing contractor you must be fully licensed, and also carry the necessary insurance requirements.

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We must acquire and maintain a solid reputation for providing quality roofing services in order to achieve this significant rank. We undergo supplementary professional training in order to sharpen our skills and perfect our techniques.

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Types of Roofing Shingles and Styles Available at A-1 Property

3-Tab Shingles

A-1 Property Services offers many different types of roofing shingles and styles. Each manufacturer has their own description for 3 tab shingles. For example, Royal Sovereign by GAF/ELK is the name of their 3 tab shingle. This is the most economical shingle on the market right now. There are also many different colors to choose from depending on the manufacturer.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles, also know as dimensional shingles, are one of the most popular roof shingles due to their performance and durability. The GAF/ELK name for this line is Timberline and it has several different performance types depending on the warranty of the shingle. Options available are 30 year, 40 year, and Lifetime Warranty. GAF/ELK can offer up to 130 MPH warranty on this line of shingle.

Premium Shingles

Premium Shingles are high end roof shingles with the look and feel of top-quality roofing materials. Not many manufacturers offer this line of shingle. GAF/ELK is known for its elegant line of Premium Roof Shingles and great warranties.

Green Roofing

Many Manufactures are coming out with a line of shingle that benefits the homeowner and the environment at the same time. Homeowners are even eligible for an energy tax credit up to $1,500.00. GAF/ELK named their line the Timberline Cool Series.

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Superior Roof Shingle Warranty Coverage from A-1 Property Services

GAF Master Elite® Certified roofing contractors are eligible to offer certain warranties that others cannot. GAF also offers the Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty, which is only available through GAF Master Elite contractors. This warranty not only protects a customer against poor workmanship during the roof installation process, it also entitles him to an independent GAF inspection once his new roof is complete. This is something that homeowners can look forward too.

A-1 Property Services Inc is one of the few roofing companies in Miami that can offer a True 20 Year Workmanship and Material Warranty with selected products. Call us today at 786-755-1509 to request a FREE quote for roof shingle services, roof repair, maintenance or new installation. You may also contact us online with any questions.


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