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2 Roofing Alternatives To Consider For Your Miami Home

Roofing Alternatives for Your Home

Beyond shingles, a tried-and-true roofing solution (no doubt), are beautiful and practical alternatives which may be perfectly suitable to your Miami home. Two roofing alternatives worth serious considerations are metal roofing or low slope roofing such as single-ply membrane. If you don’t know about these, you can’t make a wise choice for your Miami home’s replacement roof.

Metal Roofing

If you absolutely know you will be in your home for many more years, a metal roof is a durable, attractive alternative to shingles. Metal roofing is nearly unmatched in its ruggedness, life span, and ability to shrug off weather. 

Metal roofs are lifetime roofs. Their finish, their strong material, and their careful installation are all geared toward forty to sixty years of service.

Several benefits of metal roofs for Miami residences include:

  • Easy maintenance (little to no maintenance in most cases!)
  • Fire resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Resistance to wind uplift
  • Wide variety of colors, finishes, and styles

If your image of a metal roof is some beaten barn in the Florida Everglades, think again. Metal roofs for homes are appearing more and more frequently because smart homeowners recognize their curb appeal and value. 

A1 Property Services partners with some of the metal roofing industry’s leading manufacturers, names such as Decra, Englert, and Drexel Metals to offer you a whole spectrum of color choices, a catalog of styles, and super-hard finishes that allow for lifetime warranties. 

Flat Roofing

Low slope or flat roofing is an absolute must for specific features of residential roofs. If you have a den, addition, sunroom, enclosed pool, patio, or another small area with a low-slope roof, you cannot use shingles. 

Low-slope roofs are between 1/4-inch per foot up to 4 inches per foot in slope. At such gentle pitches, shingles do not shed water; low-slope roofing is necessary.  

Choices for this type of residential roof include:

  • Single-ply membrane
  • Built-up roofing
  • Modified bitumen roofing

When installed by A1 Property Service’s expert roofing crews, and when used in combination with our roof waterproofing services, a residential low-slope roofing job is as water-resistant and long-lasting as any shingle from any manufacturer. 

Miami Roofing Contractors that Offer Free Estimates

A1 Property services can handle your residential job because we have handled some of Miami’s biggest flat roofs as commercial roofers. We have installed dozens of metal roofs, too, so please call us today at 786-755-1509 to request a free estimate for roofing services in Miami and see what we can offer you for your home. We offer a wide range of services, including roof inspections and maintenance, repairs, replacement and new installations. You may also contact us online. 

2 Roofing Alternatives To Consider For Your Miami Home