Exciting New Metal Roof Options rrom Berridge Metals


When you hear the words “metal roof” do you imagine a Quonset hut of corrugated steel?  If you answered yes, then you have a pleasant surprise in store for you. Berridge Metal Roofs offer some gorgeous roofing options.

Amazing New Metal Roof Options are Available!

Discover the New Styles and Color Options for Metal Roofs

Victorian and Classic Shingles

You can start by looking at the Victorian and Classic styles of shingles. These 24-gauge shingles are 9″ x 2″ decorative sheets of Galvalume® that are perfect for restorations. Galvalume® is steel coil coated with a metal alloy of 45 percent zinc and 55 percent aluminum. This coating provides barrier corrosion resistance and heat resistance. This means it will resist rust and fire. Excellent heat reflectivity means a significantly lower heat load on the building and vastly improved interior comfort. Miami homeowners will be happy to see the reduction in air conditioning costs.

Rustic Shake Shingles

Another beautiful option is the Rustic Shake Shingle. These shingles replicate the look of cedar shake shingles. Each metal shingle represents five cedar shingles and covers 12″ x 24″. They are available in more than 25 vibrant colors including several rich metallic options. Berridge will be happy to provide a sample to help you plan the finished appearance. Rustic Shake Shingles are available in 24-gauge steel.

Fish Scale Shingles

Fish Scale Shingles have scalloped edges in 24-gauge steel offering 8-1/2″ x 11-1/2″exposure. These textured shingles offer a historically authentic appearance and work exceptionally well on gables, sidewalls, steep mansard and fascia applications.

Simulated Spanish and S-tile Shingles

Simulated tile roof systems include Spanish tile and S-tile in a unique double layering that eliminates solid sheathing. Metal Spanish tiles are stronger than clay and installation over old shingles is possible, saving time and money. Large panels and exposed fasteners make the S-tile roofing system an economical choice, but you would not guess that from its elegance. The tile strips are 32-11/16″ wide and 14″ long.

Panels Fabricated On-Site

Bermuda panels and Batten Seam panels are also available. A portable roll former is necessary to fabricate these panels at the job site.

High-Quality Berridge Metal Roof Products

If there is a downside to these roofing systems it is the initial cost. However, a typical roof will require replacement in 10 to 20 years and metal roofs will last for many decades with little to no maintenance. Most Berridge roofing products meet or exceed standards necessary to obtain Florida product approval. Berridge Manufacturing has been producing high-quality architectural metal panels since 1970. A pioneer in the field, Berridge introduced the first portable roll former machine which allowed roofers to fabricate both straight and curved panels on site.

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