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Tax Benefits Of Roof Maintenance Plans

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A new roof does not qualify you for a tax credit, but you can write off the entire cost of roof maintenance or a qualifying roof recondition. A maintenance plan or recondition is considered a maintenance expense on your taxes and can be deducted in the same year that the roof recondition is completed.
A Roof Maintenance Plan will save you money over the lifetime of your roof. Here are a few facts from Roofing Contractor Magazine that support the need for a good roof maintenance program.

tax benefits of roof maintenance plans
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Roof Maintenance Plan Benefits:

  • More than 80 percent of all roofs are replaced prematurely.
  • The average building owner will spend more than $127,500 on roofing over the life of the building.
  • The average cost of a new commercial roof is more than $42,500 (10,000 square foot average)
  • Repairs, maintenance and/or roof restoration costs thousands of dollars less than roof replacement.
  • Roof maintenance programs are tax deductible.
  • A roof maintenance program can save up to 50 percent over the life of a 30-year roof compared to replacing it every 15-20 years.
  • A roof can leak for days, weeks, or months before it is noticed inside the building.

Maintenance programs are available for existing roof systems after a thorough roof audit is conducted by the roofing contractor

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