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Roofing systems in Miami and throughout South Florida must be some of the most durable in the nation. There are a handful of roof types that meet the requirements necessary to battle the region’s year-long hot weather and repeated tropical storms, hurricanes, intense rainfall, and frequent high winds (especially along the coast). One of the best types of roofing materials available for both residential and commercial buildings is TPO.

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What is TPO Roofing?

TPO (aka: Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a single-ply membrane roofing material which is typically used to build flat and low-slope roof systems. However, it is also used for roofs with a slight slope. TPO is most commonly used for commercial and industrial buildings. Yet, in modern day, many homeowners and residential home builders here in Florida are choosing to use this type of roofing as well.

How Long Does a TPO Roof Last?

The life expectancy of a roof built using TPO roofing varies but will be dependent on several factors:

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Weather conditions, extreme high temperatures, UV radiation, and thermal recycling all have an impact on any roofing system. Although TPO roofing material was created to withstand harsh climate conditions, repeat severe circumstances will have a negative effect on its system.

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As with any type of roofing material, the quality of the installation will make all the difference in how long a roof will last, as well as how often repairs and maintenance will be required.

History of Meeting Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations


TPO roofs require routine inspections and maintenance to ensure the roof is always at its best. Cleaning the roof from debris and repairing the roof of any issues quickly (including seams and flashings) is imperative for maintaining a healthy roof.

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Quality of Materials

There are different levels of thickness found in TPO membranes, and the thicker the TPO selected for a roof system, the more durable and longer lasting it will be.

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Walking on the Roof

TPO roofs are typically much easier to walk on than other roof systems. Nonetheless, the procedures put in place to avoid damage from anyone walking on the roof (including inspectors and maintenance crews) will help to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Negligence in this area will cause early deficiencies within a TPO roof.

If a TPO roof is installed correctly and the initiatives listed above are put into practice and the roof is well maintained, it can be expected to remain in good condition approximately twenty (20) to thirty (30) years.

How Does TPO Roofing Benefit Homeowners and Commercial Businesses in South Florida?

Commercial businesses and homeowners will quickly see the benefits from installing TPO roofing in Miami or the surrounding areas. Compared to other materials that are available for flat, slight, or low-slope roofs (such as PVC or EMPD), TPO will prove to save more money over time.

Below are some of the most obvious reasons TPO roofing is a good choice:

  • Easy to Install: Installation of TPO roofing is much simpler than other options because they are lightweight and flexible. This will help to reduce the budget requiring fewer labor hours.
  • Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly: TPO roofs improve energy efficiency by reflecting UV rays. The surfaces are white or lightly tinted and reduce heat absorption. These characteristics keep homes and buildings much cooler than lower quality roofing systems available for flat, low-slope and slight slope roofs. In addition, when it is time for a roof replacement, TPO can be recycled (another way to help protect the environment).
  • Durable: TPO offers tough resistance to extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains, intense wind, and hail. This material also is resistant to punctures, tears, and damage from chemicals.
  • Low Maintenance: When considering the alternative roof material options for flat, low-slope and slight slope roofing, TPO requires less maintenance and repairs than PVC or EMPD.
  • Many Options to Choose from: TPO roofing materials are available with many different features allowing for homeowners and businesses to focus more on aesthetics. There is a long list of colors to choose from. The products also come in different widths and levels of thickness.

TPO is truly becoming one of the most desired products for roofing, especially here in Miami!

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