Warning Signs that your roof my be in trouble


How well your roof performs and how long it lasts is directly affected by our tropical climate, the type and quality of your roofing material, and whether you keep the roof well maintained. You can tell that trouble is brewing and you may need roofing repairs for your Miami home if you’re experiencing any of these warning signs:

Water in the Attic

Problems with the roof are likely to first show up as water infiltration into the attic. To identify any areas where leaks are occurring, go up to the attic during the day and shut off any lights. Then, examine the attic-side of the roof sheathing to check for bright spots around penetrations like the chimney, exhaust vents and plumbing pipes. Next, shine a flashlight slowly over the sheathing to check for dripping water, or fresh or dry water stains. Finally, check whether the insulation between the attic floor joists feels wet or shows any evidence of mold growth.

Increasing Energy Costs

If your energy use habits haven’t changed, but your utility bills are rising, it may be due to a leaky roof that’s letting water get into the attic. If there’s enough infiltration to saturate the insulation and erode its R-value, heat from the attic can easily radiate down into your living space through the ceilings. To compensate, your cooling system is forced to work harder and use more energy.

Deteriorated Roof Flashing

Regardless of whether you have a shingle, metal or tile roof, flashing is the key component that reroutes rainwater to keep leak-prone and transitional areas watertight. If the flashing is poorly installed or deteriorated from exposure to the weather, your roof can quickly start to leak. If you look up from ground level and see damaged or missing flashing in the valleys, or around the eaves, dormers, skylights, plumbing stacks or chimney, call a dependable roofer for help.

Rooftop Moss Growth

While algae growth looks bad, moss is a far more serious threat if you have a shingle roof. Moss tends to grow on a roof’s sheltered, north-facing sides where it can loosen shingle edges and draw water underneath. Over time, this can cause extensive damage to the decking and roof structure, which can result in leaks and increased vulnerability to storm damage.

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