Waterproof Your Building Before Miami Rain Hits

Building Waterproofing in Miami

Your commercial property may feel dry and hot today, but in a few months you will find out why waterproofing in Miami is such an important job for any commercial rooferEvery blazing hot surface in May (basking in near-tropical sunshine) can become a water soaked sponge during Miami’s wet season.

Why is Waterproofing in Miami Important?

Intense Precipitation

Soggy southern Florida has a four-month rainy season from June through September, according to City Data. During that time, Miami gets an average of 34.93 inches of rain, says U.S. Climate Data, which is more than half of its yearly average of 61.93 inches. All that rain ends up hammering your roof, soaking into foundation walls, and saturating surfaces like parking garages, plaza decks, and pedestrian walkways.

Why Start Now?

Most waterproofing in Miami is done in dry weather, so the chemicals can have time to cure properly. The longer you have between application and the first hard rains of Miami’s wet season, the better for your building.

While some limited waterproofing can be achieved in humid weather, the nature of the process and the types of chemicals means any precipitation is likely to dilute or wash away efforts at waterproofing in Miami commercial properties.

Multiple Solutions to Waterproof Your Building

A-1 Property Services offers many different kinds of waterproofing for your commercial property.

You might say we have Miami covered from top to bottom:


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