Below Grade Waterproofing and Your Commercial Roof

Below-grade waterproofing is often one of the most critical steps in construction because if it isn’t done correctly, your building can quickly develop water problems with the foundation or sidewalls – anything below ground level, where water can seep in. Choosing the right approach to below-grade waterproofing is almost as important as choosing the right Miami waterproofing contractors to do the job.

Pre-applied waterproofing

This is a method which calls for real installation expertise, because it reverses the normal process of concrete-first, then waterproofing agent. It’s used in blindside wall applications and is designed to prevent water infiltration under the concrete. We can install either heat-welded systems or systems with factory-laminated, butyl-taped, pre-applied seams. Your construction process will be expedited because these tie into pile caps rather than into the actual pilings.

Bentonite waterproofing

Bentonite waterproofing systems are also used in blindside wall applications and are designed to tie into the pilings of the structure. In order to perform properly, Bentonite systems require compressive strength, and the seams can either be taped or hot air-welded. There are varying thicknesses (and levels of effectiveness) of Bentonite, so some are extremely tough and rugged, while others are less expensive.

Spray-applied waterproofing

This is one of the easier waterproofing systems to install, making use of elastomeric, urethane or a rubberized asphalt, which is sprayed onto the concrete surface to protect against moisture damage. Similar to the Bentonite method, it uses a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liner to prevent water access. Spray-applied waterproofing is seamless, rugged, fast-curing and impervious to water, making it very useful in above-grade waterproofing projects as well.

Self-adhering sheets

An HDPE geomembrane is featured in this waterproofing technique as the “carrier” waterproofing membrane, and it is tightly laminated to a rubberized asphalt layer, which effectively shields retainer walls from moisture. Self-adhering sheets are the preferred waterproofing method for retainer walls, and because of their ease of installation, can keep construction efforts moving briskly along.

Contact professional Miami waterproofing contractors

When you need a professional waterproofing contractor in the Miami area, why not choose the best? A-1 Property Services, Inc. is a certified GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor whom you can put your trust in, whatever the roofing or waterproofing job may be. Contact us today with any questions you may have, or to arrange for an onsite visit and estimate.

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