Simple Ways to Give Your Roof Big Love AND Meet Your Bottom Line


Life does not always have to be hard. Easy solutions sometimes really are best. This is as true for your business within your Miami building as it is for the roof above your business. For commercial roofing, Miami businesses can try three simple ways to keep on top of rooftop maintenance.

Buy a Calendar

Buy an ordinary wall calendar you can write on. Consider when your last rooftop annual inspection, cleaning and repair visit was performed by your local, trusted commercial roofer. Label that date, and then go six months past it. That is the time to get your roofer back, to keep your roof working for you.

Semiannual inspections will catch small repair issues before they become big tear-off projects. Problem spots can be closely monitored without added expense. Ordinary, routine maintenance and light repair work is tax deductible, too, so your small investment will pay off handsomely. The same calendar can record any rooftop visits by third parties, too.


For nearly every type of roof, an added coating of waterproofing and reflective material can add years of useful service for not a lot of money. While we at A-1 Property Services offer a complete line of waterproofing services for green roofs and plaza decks, we also offer brush-on and spray coatings.

These coatings can be added atop BUR, modified bitumen and other roofs to seal, waterproof and preserve your roof. With commercial roofing, Miami industrial and business leaders know every additional year of service is money saved.

Weather or Not

Do not ignore the weather. Dry, sunny periods mean damaging exposure to ultraviolet rays. Those rays break down the chemicals in any type of roof, but are especially hard on single-ply membranes. The plasticizers that keep a PVC membrane flexible will evaporate, leaving the membrane to develop crazing or cracks or to pull on mechanical fasteners.


After a rainstorm, if your roof can be safely walked by trained building maintenance workers, they should check rooftop drains. Internal drains collect debris from all over the roof; scuppers clog with large pieces such as branches. Clogged drains lead to ponding.


A-1 Property Services has many other straightforward solutions to your roofing issues. Contact us today so we can work with you to find simple answers to your most perplexing commercial roofing problems. For commercial roofing, Miami businesses know to trust A-1 Property Services.

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