Ways Water Wrecks Your Roof - What You Need to Do!


When you consider the threat that water poses to the roof on your commercial building, you probably think of sudden and catastrophic damage from a heavy rain storm. Water can also destroy your roof and wreak havoc on the building’s interior slowly over time due to unresolved issues like membrane punctures, seam separations, missing or damaged flashing and/or poor drainage.

Adopting a proactive approach to timely roof maintenance and repairs, and taking preventive measures like waterproofing your Miami property’s roof can help you avoid water-related problems like the following.

Decking and Membrane Deterioration

Issues with inadequate roof slope, poor drainage system design or a lack or routine maintenance to clear out accumulated debris can allow water to remain on areas of the roof field after every rain. Over time, ponding water can cause deterioration of the membrane and shorten its useful service life. The weight of standing water can also eventually weaken the underlying structure and decking and potentially cause a collapse. If rainwater isn’t being properly directed off the roof, have an experienced commercial roofer investigate why and make any needed modifications and repairs to resolve the issue.

Loss of Insulation R-Value

When water seeps into the roof system through membrane punctures, tears or seam separations, it can saturate and ruin the insulation. Wet insulation loses its ability to block heat transfer, so you’ll experience an increase in your building’s cooling costs. To avoid the headache, mess and expense of replacing ruined insulation, have the roof inspected regularly and take the recommended steps necessary to keep it watertight.

Structural and Systems Decay

Water leaks into the roof system can cause both hidden and obvious damage to the building’s structural components, the HVAC and electrical systems, wall and ceiling finishes, and contents like inventory, business equipment and tenants’ belongings. To better manage water seepage and larger leaks, get the help of a fully-qualified roofer to keep your roof well maintained and in good repair.

Unchecked Mold Growth

When moisture makes it way in through the roof system into the building’s structure and interior, mold can quickly gain a foothold in unseen areas. To avert problems with compromised air quality and the need for costly mold remediation services, establish a roof maintenance and preservation plan with your roofer so you avoid damaging water infiltrations.

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