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In our last article, we looked at the beauty of tile roofing.  This week, we will talk a little bit about what happens when the beautiful, durable tile roofing does not function as it should.

Clay tile roofs bring a distinctive character to homes in Fort Lauderdale.  However, many clay tile roofs have been lost due to improper installation and maintenance ignorance. Installing a new tile roof is labor-intensive and the initial costs are high, although the cost is neutralized by the long life expectancy. This is the main reason why, in the face of damages or leakage, it is often better to seek repairs, rather than whole roof replacement of tiles that could last another 4 or 5 decades.

What Causes a Tile Roof to Leak?

Clay roof tiles from a quality manufacturer are well made and durable. They can last over a century in most of the conditions they are exposed to. The main causes of failure are:

  • Metal flashing or fastener failure
  • Broken tiles caused by misuse, mishandling
  • Broken tiles caused by manufacturing defect
  • Broken tiles caused by blunt force

The moment you notice something amiss with your roof, call a professional in at once to help assess the problem and arrive at a repair plan.

Repair Options For Repairing a Clay Tile Roof

Roofing contractors have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to repairing a roof.  In a pinch, depending on the extent of damage sustained, a tile with a cracked corner can be adhered back together.  In most cases, however, it is simply better to replace the tile itself, for the sake of longevity and structural integrity.

If the leak is caused by failed or improperly installed flashing, we can lift some of the tiles, replace the flashing, and finish by relaying the original tiles. During this process we may find other tiles that have cracked.

An experienced and well-trained team will be able to replace broken tiles without further compromising the integrity of the roof.

There are occasions when your roof will start shedding good tiles.  When this happens, it is often a result of failed fasteners, made of galvanized materials.  The solution is to remove them and relay the tiles using the stainless steel or copper nails. This process is labor intensive however the results are satisfactory and issues of leakage will be no more.

Matching Tiles

Tile replacement requires using tiles of similar make and manufacture. When it is impossible to find tiles that match your current roof, we can salvage this from areas of the roof that are rarely seen and use this for patching. In the hidden area we can then use the tiles that are not a complete match. This helps to retain the elegance of your roof.

The salvaged tiles are also cost effective especially if you are making an addition to your roof. Remember: it is always important to deal with a roof contractor that has experience in clay tile roof repair.

For more information on clay tile roofing and your home, contact us at A-1 Property Services.  We have been serving the Fort Lauderdale area for many years.

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