Why Roof Repairs And DIY Don't Mix

It is a grim statistic: in 2016 (the latest year data are available) 697 people died from falls from structures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This includes roofers, carpenters, satellite dish installers and more. That number alone should convince most homeowners that roof repair and do-it-yourself attitudes do not mix. Please, though, if you ever are considering clambering onto your Miami-area home’s roof to perform roof repair, read on.

Low-slope Versus Steep-Slope

Any roof that has an angle of less than 18.5° (4:12) is usually considered low-slope or a low-pitched roof, and anything above that is a steep-slope or high-pitched roof. While every Miami roof can cause a slip and fall, steep-slope roofs are far more treacherous for homeowners (and roofers!). Fortunately, many Miami homes enjoy the broad, gentle expanse of low-slope roofing, but that does not negate the danger to homeowners in climbing on them.

Most homeowners do not have fall protection equipment; they lack training in navigating roofs, and they are not accustomed to working on a slanted surface. More than a few homeowners have even fallen off roofs trying to retrieve tools that begin sliding off the fiberglass-asphalt shingles, or begin rolling down Spanish tiles.


Another often unseen problem is plant growth on roofs; algae and moss can grow across shingles and is sometimes not easily visible until you are on the roof. These slick, water-retaining plants can make footing treacherous. Overhanging branches can also catch a roof repair maven unawares and knock you down.

Big Box

Home improvement stores are happy to sell homeowners all manner of roof repair and roof installation materials. Flashing typically sold in these stores is roughly half the thickness used by professionals; color selection of shingles is typically less than a quarter of available colors. Still, many homeowners are tempted to try their own hand at roof repair by shopping at these big box stores.

The big-box stores do not provide any training in proper use of the sold materials. Do you know, for example, how many nails go into a fiberglass-asphalt shingle to comply with hurricane zoning codes? Considering the value of your home, your roof is probably not the place to learn a new trade.

A better path forward is to contact A-1 Property Services for safe, reliable, professional roof repair work on your Miami-area home. We know how to repair your home’s roof safely, using quality materials.

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